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About Diane Darling

How we connect to one another is key to our professional and personal success. Diane Darling provides multiple ways to help you gain the skills you need and the strategy to implement them. In order to overcome her fear of public speaking, Diane took standup comedy. At the age of six, her family moved to Asia and thus began her interest in diverse cultures, languages, and food. To date she has been to all seven continents and roughly 60 countries. McGraw-Hill has published her books in nine languages which is impressive, however she only speaks English! Organizations such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, 20th Century Fox, Fidelity Investments, Cisco, and even MIT Charm School (yes there is such a thing!) have hired Diane. Her programs are informative, inspirational, and witty. Think of hiring an executive chef – someone who listens to your appetite and respects your wallet. Diane creates a unique program to meet your needs and the expectations of your audience.

Diane’s Presentations Educate and Motivate

“WOW!” This was our reaction to meeting Diane Darling and listening to her teach her masterful networking techniques. Diane visited our firm and conducted a seminar for our staff where she shared and demonstrated her skills in working a room, making a lasting positive impression and setting oneself apart from the crowd.

She has finely tuned the behaviors required for successful marketing and shares her knowledge in a simplistic way that all can immediately incorporate into their personal lives. Diane is the master of networking and everyone can benefit from her expertise in every facet of their lives. Diane Darling is a powerful influence.

Tom Feeley, Feeley & Driscoll CPAs

Looking for an engaging speaker who will get people off their phones and actually talking to others at a conference, fundraiser, or sales meeting? Unlike typical keynote speakers perched at a podium, Diane walks the floor and directly interacts with the audience. People leave laughing and exchanging business cards with people they just met. She invigorates the event and attendees act on what they learned for the rest of the event and back to the office. She was even the commencement speaker at MIT Charm School (yes there is such a thing).

Who do I help?

Want people to not only learn but practice new skills? Diane’s workshops provide a comfortable forum for people to take on the uncomfortable. Even introverts frequently comment that they went from skeptical to enthusiastic in a short amount of time. Audiences connect with her down-to- earth practical information, filled with specific tips and tricks. Authentic, charming and authoritative, she shares her own vulnerabilities, fears, successes, and how she found her personal presence in writing, consulting and speaking.


In today’s competitive economy, doing more with less is the new norm. However it often takes a toll on your company and your people.


With tuition rising and the job market tightening, universities are under extreme pressure to deliver a competitive product and yet focus on the greater good of education.


Facilitating a two-day retreat with the entire Consulate staff following a public report of conflict and management challenges.


Build relationships and communicate effectively in order to raise funds, recruit volunteers and high-profile board members to meet your organizational goals

Like losing weight, most people know what to do to accomplish any goal. Having someone hold you accountable is often the difference between success and failure. Diane’s coaching provides a balance of feedback, challenges, and encouragement. Reflecting on her time in the travel business, she realizes the time savings and aggravation relief of having a quality guide along the journey. The path that got you here won’t get you to where you want to go.

Author of How to Become an Effective Networker

The phone rang and it was McGraw-Hill calling, “would you like to write a book for us?” Diane smiled remembering how a 10-page term paper tortured her in college. Her books are now translated into nine languages – bizarre she says to write a book but I can’t read it. She’s a former columnist for the Boston Business Journal and guest writer for various publications.

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