Want to learn from the comfort of your computer?

[custom_frame_right]friends_on_business_trip[/custom_frame_right] I’m in the process of creating online courses to help you succeed at work and in life. Sometimes it’s good to get away from your desk – even if you need to work.

Two-for-one …. networking and football




[/custom_frame_right] This is a fun, combination course where you’ll learn both networking and how to watch American football. Why? If you can’t talk sports, it’s tough to network.

This course is from a live event filmed at the British Consulate.


Want to earn money as a host with Airbnb?


[custom_frame_right]airbnb_logo_detail[/custom_frame_right] This is an overview course of what I learned when I hosted with Airbnb. (My building won’t let me do it anymore so I’m offering you my insights.




[custom_frame_right]older-people-at-a-computer[/custom_frame_right] I’m working on other courses and also collecting ones from other instructors. Please share your interests …. what would you like to learn?