Diane’s Presentations Educate and Motivate

Speaking at a British Consulate Event

Speaking at a British Consulate Event

Diane’s audiences connect with her down-to-earth practical information, filled with specific tips and tricks. Authentic, charming and authoritative, she shares her own vulnerabilities, fears, networking successes, and how she found her personal presence in writing, consulting and speaking.

Want someone who will share useful content and isn’t just up there to get attention?

Looking for an informative, funny, and engaging speaker?

Hope to have your audience walking away feeling inspired and ready to take action?

Think of hiring an executive chef – someone who listens to your appetite, hunger, and respects your wallet. Diane puts together a unique talk to meet your needs and the expectations of your audience.

Some recent speaking topics include:

  • Networking Survival / The 7 Principals of Effective Networking
  • How to Navigate a Cocktail Party, Conference or Networking Event
  • How Not to Work a Room
  • How to Use Linked-In for Effective Relationship Building
  • Business Presentation & Etiquette Skills
  • Speaking & Training Methods
  • Internal & External Communication Skills
  • Teamwork & Team Building
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Sales & Client Relationship Management
  • Beginner’s Approach to Social Media in Marketing & Sales
  • Leading the Introvert to Business Success / Social Skills for Introverts
  • Water Cooler Football – Learn the Rules & How the Game is Played
  • Lessons Learned from Overcoming Debt & Living at the YWCA
  • Lessons Learned from a First Time Author
  • Accidental Entrepreneurship / Starting a Business Over 40
  • Giving Memorable Presentations

We met and spoke at the UT Law Leadership Bootcamp. I must tell you: you, ma’am, are a brilliant speaker. Your balance of useful information, professionalism, and humor is absolutely perfect. Heck, I think you should give presentations on how people should give presentations.
— Jackob Ben-Ezra