Workshops and sample topics

Given the average adult spends nearly 8 hours a day in front of screens, it is no surprise that the critical skill of building business and social relationships is becoming a lost art.

Imagine if you knew how to communicate strategically, building relationships that would last for years.

What if you became known as the go-to person because you were so well connected and people trusted your advice? What if you could always find who and what you need within seconds, saving time and helping others?

Well, you can be that person, while having the time of your life.

Learn Diane’s secrets to human relationships and dynamics. Then, take action to put new habits in place. An introvert by nature, Diane built her own success on developing mutually beneficial relationships.

She can help you and your organization do it too.

Sample topics include:

  • Make It Rain – How Professional Service Firms Can Get (and KEEP) the Best Clients
  • Converting Today’s Contacts Into Tomorrow’s Clients
  • Effective Networking for Millennials
  • Think Like a CEO – How to Empower Your Team to Take Charge of Their Career
  • Effective Emails – Feeling Ignored? Learn to write better, faster, and get results
  • Networking American Style – Ideal for international sales meetings, conferences, or student groups
  • LinkedIn – How to Maximize It and Best Practices

“WOW!” This was our reaction to meeting Diane Darling and listening to her teach her masterful networking techniques. Diane visited our firm and conducted a seminar for our staff where she shared and demonstrated her skills in working a room, making a lasting positive impression and setting oneself apart from the crowd.

She has finely tuned the behaviors required for successful marketing and shares her knowledge in a simplistic way that all can immediately incorporate into their personal lives. Diane is the master of networking and everyone can benefit from her expertise in every facet of their lives. Diane Darling is a powerful influence.

Tom Feeley, Feeley & Driscoll CPAs