In today’s competitive economy, doing more with less is the new norm. However it often takes a toll on your company and your people.

Diane’s customized work will help you focus on what’s working and how to accomplish more.

Companies want their people to succeed, grow, and explore new opportunities with the company. Firms that develop strategies and programs to keep the best people have a lower retention rate and higher profitability.


Case study – Major motion picture studio

Scenario – After difficult economic downturn, employees lacked motivation and commitment. Wanted to get them back on track by providing them with actionable ways to advance.

Solution – Diane delivered a customized, interactive workshop outlining ways for employees to identify learning opportunities and how they could make it happen. Result – Attendees took ownership of their career path and were motivated to take action.


Case study – Kick off sales meeting

Scenario – Motivated sales team wanted to streamline their efforts to get more clients with higher volume deal flow.

Solution – At sales meeting, Diane delivered both keynote and breakout sessions teaching ways to get more referrals from current clients. Walked attendees through networking analysis tools to help them identify organizations to join and ways to actively participate.


Case study – Large financial institution

Scenario – Female top talent felt lacked career path and opportunities to advance.

Solution – Diane delivered interactive workshop that helped women identify sponsors and mentors. Also discussed candidly limitations within the organization and what impact that would have. Identified next steps and coaching opportunities for them to move forward.


Case study – Financial wholesaler

Scenario – Company wanted to empower employees to take ownership of their career management.

Solution – Diane customize designed workshop “You are Your Own CEO” and created an action oriented program. Result – People left with a customized action plan and an accountability partner to ensure it happened.



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