What problem do you need to solve?

You've got places to go, people to meet, goals to accomplish ... whew!

The opportunities are endless and so is the to do list.

If you want to save time, money, and fast track your way to results, hire Diane to help you. She has a killer combo of experience and a vast network to help you succeed.

She blocks time off in 90-day chunks. It helps to stay on track, on budget, and gives something to celebrate.

There are typically three issues people and/or organizations are dealing with:

  1. People
  2. Money
  3. Time

TIME:   There's not much that anyone (even Diane) can do about time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we invest that time determines our success. Since time is finite, how you spend it determines if you get a return on time (ROT) or create more time debt.

Action plan >> Diane will take you through an exercise called, "The Whether Report." This helps to identify "whether or not" to do something with the allocated time.

MONEY:  Whether your organization is non-profit or for-profit, you have bills to pay and earning income makes that possible. Where to focus? It's curious to Diane that buildings are considered assets but people are considered overhead. 

  • Looking to raise capital? 
  • Grow sales?
  • Find hidden income streams?
  • Reduce expenses?

Action plan >> Diane trusts you have your financials in reasonably good shape to make decisions. From there, she strategizes where is hidden income? Unnecessary expenses? Are there technologies that can streamline the process? Do you have the right people in the right positions?

People: Speaking of people ..... As the song goes .... "people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world." Not everyone would agree. You need people to get things done, yet dealing with team members, investors, customers/clients, volunteers, donors, vendors, etc. often makes people act well ... a bit crazy.

Action plan >> Starting with the "home" team, Diane will take you through an assessment exercise that will create a benchmark to know where the team stands. Are some burning out? Are others not challenged? Employee engagement is directly connected to your bottom line.

For the "away" team, she will take you through some exercises to identify the people who are attracted to your work. Is that a match for what you want? If so, why? How can it be repeated and amplified? If not, how can it change.

What's next?

Diane is dyslexic and uses this to help her clients think with the end in mind. She'll start the conversation with questions such as:

  1. What will make you look back in 90 days and say the time, effort, and money was worth it?
  2. What concerns to you have about taking on this project?
  3. Are your goals S-M-A-R-T? (Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed) 
  4. Let's do an inventory of other projects and where they fit in?
  5. If this is successful, what's next?

Ready to get started?

Contact Diane Darling .... 

Text/mobile number is 617-308-0405 or her email is Diane at DianeDarling dot com

Bottom line - what will this cost?

Think of this like a restaurant menu ... Do you want fast food? Fine dining? Are you in a rush? Who is the project manager? Do you have all the tools and subscriptions necessary? How many decision makers are involved?

By the hour:  If you want to "pick my brain," the investment is $375 an hour with a 2 hour minimum to start. It's not my favorite way to bill because you're anxious watching the clock and I'm trying to give you the best info in the fastest amount of time. However, I want to make this available for people who prefer an hourly rate.

By the month:  This is the most effective use of your investment. Retainers start at $2,500 for nonprofits and $4,000 for businesses per month with a minimum of 3 months. 

Interested in one-on-one coaching, workshops, or speaking? I'm working on finishing up that webpage. Contact me in the interim! Thank you for your patience.