Teaching at Harvard Business School

Teaching at Harvard Business School

Educational institutions were among Diane’s first clients in 2001. She has helped them:

  • Leverage alumni networks to recruit new students
  • Offer professional development seminars to faculty and staff
  • Streamline communication by implementing online tools
  • Increase alumni engagement by offering compelling life-long learning opportunities in local cities
  • Deliver action oriented workshops to help students be prepared for career fairs and interview opportunities

With tuition rising and the job market tightening, universities are under extreme pressure to deliver a competitive product and yet focus on the greater good of education.

Everywhere at institutions of higher ed, budgets are being reviewed and challenged. Seeing the need to communicate effectively in a forum that balanced free speech and economic pressure, she has provided universities with tools and programs that help to raise money, increase quality student applicants, find students jobs, and maintain alumni connections.


Case study – Law schools

Scenario – Students receive top training and education about the law. However, they lacked ability to engage with potential clients, understand the value of internal clients (e.g. partners at the firm), and ways for them to become a rainmaker.

Solution – Created an interactive, participatory session where students learned to engage in low-key conversations and practiced how to best present themselves. Program was followed by reception with partners from law firms as well as recruiters.


Case study – Faculty profession advancement

Scenario – Faculty found themselves competing with each other for advancement, budgets, and convincing students to major in their department. Morale was low.

Solution – Diane delivered an interactive session that helped to surface conflict and ways to accept it and/or resolve it. As an outsider, she facilitated a delicate but necessary discussion about competition and how to manage it rather than fight it.


Case study – MBA Career Services

Scenario – A top 10 MBA program found their students had near perfect business and analytical skills. But lacked significantly with interpersonal opportunities both on campus and at prospective employers. Students asked awkward questions, came as across as arrogant at times, and lacked polish. Multi-cultural backgrounds further complicated these situations.

Solution – Diane delivered multiple programs for both US and international students. Discussed ways to make “small” talk valuable, how to engage with senior level executives, and ways to recover after making mistakes.


Case study – Alumni engagement, student recruiting, and fundraising

Scenario – College wanted to reconnect with alums in cities far away from campus and create a local network. This would foster loyalty to the school and refer prospective students, increase donations, and help alums get new business and/or jobs.

Solution – Diane was featured as the event as the keynote speaker to attract a diverse audience from young graduates to people with significant experience. Program attracted inactive alums and helped them re-engage with the college.


“Every faculty member who attended Diane’s excellent presentation left the event knowing that they had used their time wisely. I attended a Fidelity event in Newport the following day and I utilized her training all day.”

– Dave Mitchell – Dean, School of Business at Johnson & Wales

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