As the daughter of civil servants, Diane learned early the value of government in our society as well the challenges of large, complex, and diverse organizations. Highlights of her work include:

  • Facilitating a two-day retreat with the entire Consulate staff following a public report of conflict and management challenges. Identified sources of conflict, ways to better juggle multicultural communication, and created a blue print to implement retreat findings.
  • Serving as the keynote for a conference about entrepreneurship
  • Identifying women in public service who are rising stars and overlooked
  • Teaching American football to an international audience including seven nationalities at the British Consulate in Boston. Secured national publicity on CBS Sunday Morning including an interview with the Consul General and Bill Geist.


Case study – British Consulate

Scenario – Create a networking event that attracted a diverse audience. Provide light-hearted seminar to engage local community and invite other nationalities to participate. Event attracted over 100 people and created an atmosphere of conversation, culture, and sports.

Solution – Presented workshop on how to understand American football so people can attend games or social events during football season. Partnered with the former athletic director from Boston College. Created presentation materials and got event featured on CBS Sunday Morning including an interview with the Consul General.


Case study – Economic development

Scenario – Entrepreneurship conference to help people learn how to start and run a business. Goal was to help the local economy, engage citizens, and deter people from moving away to other parts of Canada.

Solution – Delivered the keynote at the conference sharing lessons learned from a failed business, how to regroup, and ways to engage a community.


Case study – Consulate retreat

Scenario – Complex situation with a General Consul who was retiring, a staff with low morale, and friction between civil servants and local employees.

Solution – Facilitated two day retreat to re-energize staff. Identified areas of miscommunication. Lead conversation to identify stakeholders to implement new procedures. Discussed challenges. Created timeline for action plan.

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