[custom_frame_right]keynote[/custom_frame_right] Looking for a compelling, informative speaker for an upcoming conference, sales meeting or fundraiser? You’re at the right place!

Diane custom designs her talks to match the needs of you audience. Her style is engaging and she shares rich content. Too often speakers are either informative (aka dry and boring) or entertaining (vacuous of any real information).

And what’s best …. if she’s not the right person, she’ll tap into her extensive network and help you find the right person.


[custom_frame_right]keynote2[/custom_frame_right] I must tell you: you, ma’am, are a brilliant speaker. Your balance of useful information, professionalism, and humor is absolutely perfect. Heck, I think you should give presentations on how people should give presentations.
— Jackob Ben-Ezra, attendee in Austin, TX

“As a professional speaker, I am a tough critic, and Diane is the best of the best. Her delivery was exceptional.”
~ Grover E. Cleveland, Attorney, Speaker, and Author