As an active volunteer herself, Diane is passionate about helping nonprofits succeed balancing their mission and need to stay alive with a balanced budget. stay viable financially.

Build relationships and communicate effectively in order to raise funds, recruit volunteers and high-profile board members, build community relations, and find effective and affordable vendors to meet your organizational goals. Nonprofits are often advocates and deal with controversial issues. Building bridges and respecting differences are essential skills to maintain communication.

Early in her career she founded a nonprofit professional association for women in technology, raised $100,000 to launch it, and grew it to an international organization with 30+ international chapters. Later she found herself in need of support during a tough time and lived in the YWCA. (add link to article). Diane was the Director of Corporate Partnerships at EarthWatch – raising money for environmental initiatives.

She also served on the boards including: World Affairs Council, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (as the only non-lawyer).

Here are some sample case studies:

Organization that teaches leadership, physical and mental fitness

Scenario – Staff members felt silo-ed and lacked connections within the organization to know who to go to for help.

Solution – Diane customized a fast-paced program showcasing ways to get connected and

International women’s leadership organization

Scenario – Wanted to have board members learn how to best interact with their local communities to fosters praetorships, strategic alliances, and recruit new members.

Solution – Diane spoke at conference

Prep for large fundraiser

Scenario – National nonprofit wanted to be sure all employees attending an upcoming fundraiser were prepared into interact with high net worth donors and facilitate introductions to the appropriate staff member to follow up.

Solution – Workshop

Trade association conference

Scenario – Organization wanted to increase membership as well as member engagement. Also wanted to provide learning opportunities to create value for members at conferences.

Scenario – Diane delivered several high impact, fast paced programs that engaged attendees at the conference. She also provided ways for organization leaders to engage members back at their local organization including the tools to implement them in a cost effective and time efficient way.

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