Your firm delivers high-quality, innovative services that your clients need. Your people got into this business to advise, design, and build, but not necessarily to sell. However, your firm’s growth and your people’s career advancement depends on their ability to build relationships and develop new business. (If your people are introverts, this might seem particularly daunting.)

Diane can help accounting, architecture, law, construction, and engineering firms find creative ways to connect with prospective clients; build rapport and trust with prospective clients in both professional and social settings; explain how the firm can help and is a better choice over competitors; and communicate effectively with clients throughout a project.

Here are just a few of the ways that Diane has helped professional services clients:

Accounting: Accountants are highly skilled tacticians, but they aren’t always known for their people skills. Diane has helped accountants develop the soft skills to bring in new business and communicate effectively with clients – before and after the sale.

Also during business season, recruiting additional help allows firms to get quality work done in a timely manner.

Advertising: Diane’s very first client was in advertising. A young associate who saw her speak immediately spotted the need to help smooth the transition from the sales team to the design team. Referrals immediately increased as the creative team gained confidence when spending hours with clients building trust.

Architecture, Design, and Construction: Building rapport is essential for architects and designers to succeed. Not just with your clients, but with the many contractors who are on the team. Diane has spoken at Build Boston and worked with a variety of architecture and design firms.

The transition from paper to building is often fraught with hiccups. When changes are required, how the process is managed is crucial.

Consulting: It is rare when someone’s EQ and IQ are at the same level. At several top consulting firms, Diane came in to help teams build rapport, compete effectively, and grow their business by having associates refer business to other aspects of the firm. This reduced turnover and increased profitability.

Engineering: Diane has helped mid-career engineers learn to network and build relationships – within the firm, through professional associations, and in social/civic settings – so they can bring in new business, as well as do great work.

Financial services: Sharing personal and professional financial information requires trust at the highest level. Other than family, people protect and guard their money the most. Getting clients and keeping them requires relationship management – especially in a cut-throat competitive area. Diane has worked with top organizations to help them develop strategic and effective ways to be top-of-mind when people need financial advice.

Law: Diane has helped outstanding associates make the transition to partner by learning how to: build their brand within the firm so they get invited to join high-profile cases, build relationships outside the firm, and bring in new business.

In addition she works with bar associations to recruit new members, keep them happy and speaks at leadership conferences.

Previous Clients:

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